Welcome to the FBJHS Guidance Resource Page. Our goal is to help students experience success during their time at FBJHS; through exposure to evidence based information and effective action plans that will enable students to engage responsibly , communicate effectively and make sound and informed decisions.

Do you need information on: managing social media, school work, dealing with friends (when they’ re not friends),high school, part-time jobs, stress and anxiety or…. do you have a great idea, do you want to volunteer, do you want to make a difference, or simply, talk? If it is any these things, Mr. Luke would be happy to listen and provide you with the tools you need to achieve the success you deserve. Contact him at: gluke@hrsb.ns.ca.

In the meantime, we have some questions for you.

Do you know why you do the activities you do?

Do you know why you put a lot of effort into some activities and not so much into others?

Do you have some activities that you could do all day long and some that if you could avoid you would?

Do you look at some activities as tasks?

….these questions are broad and will vary as we grow, but the underlining denominator (in fractions, underneath the numerator or the divisor*) in all 4 questions is motivation!

What gets you excited, drives you, challenges you…in other words “why do we do the things we do”?

seeking knowledge, fame, money, power, victory, success, security, experience, thrills….the answers are endless and the secret is to “determine” what you can use to MOTIVATE you to give your best effort (that’s all anyone can really ask for! ) in whatever the activity or task.

Here is one of our favourite videos that helps get the blood rushing and tells us to get up and get out there and become engaged.

* addressing numeracy and literacy in HRSB schools curriculum.